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AMA (SA) Political Leaders Breakfast

I thank the AMA for the opportunity to participate in this event. A little over four months from now, South Australia will go to the polls. It will be an opportunity to set the direction for our State, not just for the next four years, but for many more years to come.

2017 State Building Industry Forum

I welcome the opportunity to contribute to this Forum. The building and construction industry employs more than 64,000 people in South Australia. It’s an industry critical to our economy so I congratulate the MBA for convening this Forum. It’s an opportunity to take stock of the current state of our economy and South Australia’s future prospects.

Budget Reply Speech

I indicate that I will be the lead speaker for the opposition on this bill. Let's stop mincing words. South Australia is in deep economic trouble and this budget offers no solution, because it will destroy more jobs and deter future investment in our state. This government continues to smash our economy with its wrecking ball of higher taxes and budget waste and mismanagement. Labor is ruining the future prospects of our children.

State Budget Reply

I indicate that I will be the lead speaker for the opposition on this bill, and I indicate that we will be supporting this as convention dictates. Do we support every aspect of this bill? Absolutely not. This is another example of a complete and utter wasted opportunity by this failed 14-year-old Labor administration to address the fundamental concerns affecting the lives of the people of this state.

Gay Law Reform Anniversary

It is my great pleasure to rise in support of the Premier's motion, and can I just say it is a privilege to be able to speak on such an important issue.

Steven Marshall Budget Reply Speech

South Australia is in trouble. We are in the midst of a dangerous jobs crisis. We have the highest unemployment rate in the entire nation. Our population growth is half the national average. Our economy has ground to a halt after 13 years of Labor mismanagement. Our exports are going backwards, and the culmination of all of this is that we have an exodus of young people and capital across our borders into jurisdictions which provide a better environment for the future.

Malcolm Fraser Condolence Motion

I rise to speak on behalf of the South Australian Liberal Party on the passing of the Hon. Malcolm Fraser AC, CH, GCL, 22nd prime minister of Australia and, in particular, to extend our sympathies to his friends and family.

Address in reply

It is my pleasure to rise today to speak on the Address in Reply. It was a great honour to have His Excellency the Hon. Hieu Van Le come to our parliament. As I previously laid on the record, this side of the house was delighted with his most worthy of appointments to this high office. We also lay on the record our appreciation for the work that his equally hard-working wife, Mrs Lan Le, does for the people of South Australia.

100 Year Commemoration of World War One

We still remember the brave sacrifices that our service men and women made for peace and for our country.

Electoral Reform Bill

The electoral Reform Bill will give the parliament a clear explanation of why the people's will is not being served in our state.