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SA House of Assembly

David Basham MP

Member for Finniss
  • Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development

Vickie Chapman MP

Member for Bragg
  • Deputy Premier
  • Attorney-General
  • Minister for Planning and Local Government

Dan Cregan MP

Member for Kavel
  • Premier’s Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Community Resilience

Fraser Ellis MP

Member for Narungga

John Gardner MP

Member for Morialta
  • Minister for Education

Richard Harvey MP

Member for Newland
  • Government Whip in the House of Assembly

Stephan Knoll MP

Member for Schubert

Paula Luethen MP

Member for King
  • Deputy Whip in the House of Assembly

Steven Marshall MP

Member for Dunstan
  • Premier of South Australia
  • Minister for Tourism
  • Minister for Defence and Space Industries

Nick McBride MP

Member for MacKillop

Steve Murray MP

Member for Davenport

Stephen Patterson MP

Member for Morphett
  • Minister for Trade and Investment

Adrian Pederick MP

Member for Hammond

David Pisoni MP

Member for Unley
  • Minister for Innovation and Skills

Carolyn Power MP

Member for Elder
  • Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention

Rachel Sanderson MP

Member for Adelaide
  • Minister for Child Protection

David Speirs MP

Member for Black
  • Minister for Environment
  • Minister for Water

Vincent Tarzia MP

Member for Hartley
  • Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services

Josh Teague MP

Member for Heysen
  • Speaker in the House of Assembly

Peter Treloar MP

Member for Flinders
  • Deputy Speaker in the House of Assembly
  • Chairman of Committees

Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP

Member for Stuart
  • Minister for Energy and Mining

Tim Whetstone MP

Member for Chaffey

Corey Wingard MP

Member for Gibson
  • Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
  • Minister for Sport, Recreation, and Racing