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My aim, above anything else, is to get South Australia working again

How good would it be to get South Australia working again? Growing again. Prospering again. Respected again.

Nuclear dump has unacceptable financial risks

Jay Weatherill’s plan for an international waste dump exposes South Australian taxpayers to unacceptable financial risks while they wait at least 40 years before knowing whether the project will proceed.

Nuclear fuel cycle

I love living in South Australia. Other than a brief period when I lived overseas, I’ve spent my entire life living and working here. My kids were born here and I hope they grow up and raise their families here.

Increasing the GST is just lazy and unfair

Massive tax hikes without government belt tightening are lazy and unfair.

My plan to create jobs for South Australians

We live in the best state in the country but South Australia is in urgent need of help

Volunteer firefighters deserve better

This past week has been a gruelling time for all South Australians. We have watched as large parts of the Adelaide Hills and the South East faced the most testing bushfire conditions since Ash Wednesday over 30 years ago, and we have been united in our support for residents and volunteers.

Focus on cuts, not care, is no health fix

As the Weatherill administration searches for $766 million in health cuts – two-thirds of which are state cuts initiated long before the federal Budget was handed down – the State Government is in the midst of its ‘‘transforming health’’ consultation process. But how can it be a real transformation when it is focused on metropolitan hospitals?

Paying a price for ALP folly

One of the South Australian Labor government’s biggest legacies has been to deliver us the highest water prices in Australia. In 2002, the base price for water consumers was 38c a kilolitre; it’s now $2.32/kL.

Child Protection

Over the past 18 months, we have all endured terrible revelations about the South Australian child protection system. The news last Friday that there is ‘high concern’ about twenty percent of Families SA employees working with children, including twenty five immediately being suspended from having direct contact with children, was the latest shocking development.

Car Park Tax GONE!

South Australians have a big reason to be happy – they will not be forced to pay extra to park in Adelaide’s CBD. Labor’s toxic tax was voted down in Parliament’s Legislative Council by State Liberal Members of the Legislative Council and crossbenchers – the Hon John Darley MLC, the Hon Dennis Hood MLC and the Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC.