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Nuclear fuel cycle

I love living in South Australia. Other than a brief period when I lived overseas, I’ve spent my entire life living and working here. My kids were born here and I hope they grow up and raise their families here.

For Charlie and Georgie to do that they will need jobs.

The economic opportunities of creating a nuclear storage facility presented by the Scarce Royal Commission a few days ago should be seriously considered because of the jobs it would create.

For the first time we have had independent advice that has quantified the potential economic boost a nuclear storage facility would provide. We would be letting future generations down if we didn’t strongly consider such a path.

Equally, we need to proceed with a community-based decision on this. We can't descend into a slanging match between proponents and detractors. If we are going to do this, we have to do it together and I am certainly open-minded about the possibilities after a thorough community debate.

All South Australians should have a say about a business prospect that will run for 120 years.

The benefits of a nuclear storage facility aside, our young people deserve long-term employment options across all industries, not just one.

If we apply the timelines outlined by the Royal Commission, people like the Premier and I will most likely be retired by the time a storage facility has reached peak construction. My teenage kids would be in their forties by the time the facility is completed!

This government has had 14 years to create viable long-term jobs for our children across multiple industries. They have squandered this opportunity.

If a storage facility is ultimately found to be a safe and viable opportunity, and is supported by the community, it would be an economic bonus. It should not be seen as a silver bullet for the jobs crisis.

We need to back ourselves.

We need a government that creates the right environment for businesses to succeed and communities to thrive.
Reducing business costs and removing unnecessary restrictions to reward innovation and job creation should be the focus of government.

South Australians are innovative and we work hard – you should be rewarded for that.

Unless we get the fundamentals right, our State won’t be able to succeed. Not even with a nuclear storage facility.Children, like Charlie and Georgie, will keep moving interstate and overseas for job opportunities.

South Australia needs strong leadership, bold decisions and a clear path to recovery – I will provide that leadership and a Liberal Government will provide the job creation environment we so desperately need.

The rising cost of living and doing business is crippling our State. Creating jobs and easing the financial burden for all households - that's what I stand for. We need to attract new industry as well as encourage and support people that have a go.

The bottom line is we need new leadership and new direction.

South Australia needs a government that backs South Australians. That’s the government I want to lead.