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100 Year Commemoration of World War One

We still remember the brave sacrifices that our service men and women made for peace and for our country.

Clovelly Park Toxic Contamination

Clovelly Park residents are demanding a public meeting with the Weatherill Labor Government over toxic contamination but are STILL being left in the dark.

Electoral Reform Bill

The electoral Reform Bill will give the parliament a clear explanation of why the people's will is not being served in our state.

Emergency Services Levy

I also rise to speak on the 85th report of the Economic and Finance Committee which, of course, references the Emergency services levy policy of this government. What a disappointing policy this is for the people of South Australia.

Budget Reply

I rise to speak on the Appropriation Bill which is before the house at the moment. I indicate that I will be the lead speaker for the opposition and that we will be supporting this budget. 

Steven Marshall 2014 Budget Response

Steven Marshall’s response to the 2014 State Budget

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a scourge in Australian society and it is a scourge that disproportionately impacts upon women and their children. 

Royal Visit not enough to fix Weatherill’s mess

There’s no doubt the highly anticipated visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Adelaide’s northern suburb of Elizabeth was a wonderful highlight for the State. The royal couple graced us with their humility and enthusiasm to learn more about the inspiring youth who come from an area that has seen its fair share of challenges.