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My plan to create jobs for South Australians

We live in the best state in the country but South Australia is in urgent need of help

We have record high unemployment, the highest since 1997, cost of living for basics like water, electricity and gas are the highest they have ever been and the state’s debt is at record levels.

The current situation is hurting workers and their families. Even the Premier has conceded, “we are sliding into genteel decline”.

We can do nothing and hope it improves, or we can take decisive action.

The State Liberal team is offering a range of solutions to the Weatherill Government, including measures outlined in the Job Stimulus Package announced earlier this week, to help all South Australians.

The cornerstone of the Liberal’s package is immediate tax relief.

The specific actions we must take include:

  • Immediately cutting business taxes to allow business to grow andcreate more jobs;
  • Investing in new job creating infrastructure projects; and,
  • Providing immediate relief to families and households who are struggling under spiralling cost of living pressures.

These measures should not be difficult to achieve.

Some of these measures are already in the State Budget but they do not come into effect until 2017/18, which is too late for the nearly one in ten South Australians without a job.

The State needs help now – we cannot wait any longer. In 2015, 40% of rate payers were pursued for unpaid ESL bills; this is an unacceptable level of hardship.

We need to take the politics out of the debate and work in a bipartisan way to help the South Australian economy. The Liberal Party stands ready to work with the Weatherill Labor Government to benefit South Australian workers and families.

I am calling on the Premier to put aside political differences and work with the State Liberal Team to ensure South Australians have a vibrant and strong economic future.