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Beating the ticket bots

The Marshall Liberal Government will today introduce legislation to protect South Australian consumers from scalpers as it continues to deliver its first 100 days in office agenda.

“Scalping is a scourge perpetrated by professional predators that results in ordinary punters paying exorbitant prices to attend sporting and entertainment events,” said Attorney General Vickie Chapman.

The Fair Trading (Ticket Scalping) Amendment Bill 2018 contains severe financial penalties for corporations, up to $100,000, and individuals, up to $20,000, who rip off South Australians.

The legislation also tackles the rise of the ticket bots that have resulted in scalping on a mass scale.

Ticket bots are software applications that enable scalpers to purchase a ticket at fractions of the timeframe possible by ordinary fans.

As a consequence of ticket bots web sites such as eBay and Gum Tree are deluged with tickets to entertainment and sporting events at massively inflated prices.

For example tickets to Adele’s concert a Adelaide Oval last year were being offered at 700 per cent of the original asking price.

Ticket scalping is the term given to the unauthorised re-selling of tickets to an event, at a price higher than the ticket’s original face value, sold with the intention of making a profit.

The Bill will prohibit the advertising, hosting of an advertisement for the resale of tickets or the actual resale to an event in SA to which the provisions apply, for an amount that exceeds 110% of the original supply cost of the ticket.

“The former Labor Government turned a blind eye to this predatory practice for years,” said Minister Chapman.

“Indeed it regularly failed to use its powers and declare entertainment and sporting fixtures major events that would have made scalping on them illegal.

“The Marshall Government will not be so slack when it comes to acting in the best interests of South Australia consumers.”